Tpe Sumup Sans Smartphone Online – Cards and Readers

When trying to understand we find… Tpe Sumup Sans Smartphone? hey guys what’s up hope you’re doing
and today my unboxing is going to be
about a card reader
why am i doing this because usually i
was taking payments over the phone
and now my work has increased so i
needed a card reader i did some research
and then i found out that this card
reader company called sum up
um it’s really good it’s very handy
and i ordered the card reader and just
wanted to show you that what comes in
the box
hopefully we’ll go through the unboxing
we’ll un-package it and we’ll connect it
to our phone
and see how it works so without any
delay let’s get into the video and then
let’s check out what comes in the box

and we go ahead and open it up okay
it’s a very minimalistic design and
here we go that is the card reader
it’s uh it’s got matte uh plastic
on the bottom it’s got this uh
charging port i’m guessing and then
that’s just a hole to
put put a lanyard and it does
give you some serial numbers say some up
over here
on off switch and
on the top you have the place where you
can insert
the credit card it’s got a flush keypad
and it’s got a cross and backspace
and a tick mark
just to represent okay so this is the
i think that it
looks really really neat really cool
so let’s see what else comes in the box
package design is pretty neat
uh so first of all we have the user
guide some safety information decals
the interesting thing is that with the
sum up card reader
the fees are quite low and that is why
they’ve got a huge client base now as
like with paypal they do charge slightly
so with uh sum up i think it’s 1.65
and if you send somebody
a qr code i think so it’s two and a half
percent they’re going to take
from the total payment but all of the
cards are accepted
like visa mastercard american express
union pay and you can see google pay
and apple pay as well apart from that in
the box there is a usb
micro usb so next what we’ll do is we’ll
go ahead and we’ll
connect our phone and we’ll check out
it actually works here i have my iphone
so i’m first of all going to show you
how to pair it and how it actually works
so do you have to download the sum up
app on your phone
so here i go i have the sum up app and
as soon as i open the sum up app um i
have couple of options all i need to do
is click the
more button so i’ll go ahead and i’ll
turn it on
so to turn it on you just have to press
this button over here
and as soon as you turn it on it flashes
few lights and then it says sum up on
the top and it gives you the battery
indicator as well
after that it’ll just take a few seconds
once it initializes then we can connect
the phone so what we need to do is we
need to go into the
payment methods and over here we have
card reader
it says air tap to setup and you have
cash payment as well if you need to take
cash payment you click
that button here and this bluetooth logo
will come up and it’ll say that
your card reader is you know it’s it’s
nearby you can connect
so you just hit connect and i’ll say
so that’s connected so it’s very very
simple very intuitive
nothing complicated and over here there
is a
sort of a bluetooth or a connection logo
if i’ll just bring it near
and you can see that it’s showing that
it’s connected once when you’ve done
that all you have to do is press the
done button
and and that’s it so uh
even if you turn it off or turn it back
on uh
this card reader will be connected so
for argument’s sake if
i were to charge uh say
i don’t know uh one pound or maybe let’s
go for
five pounds and i hit charge
and it’ll say card reader over here it
gives you three option payment link and
uh let’s hit the card reader and it says
reader maintenance part one of three now
the reason is because
there must be a software update so that
is why it is
doing this this is just gonna be the
first time it’s not gonna happen
always uh it’s very simple and
i’m guessing and then you see it says um
it’s five pounds payment you can either
tab or you can insert the card
and that’s how it is so it’s giving you
the wave logo
or you can insert it or and
or you can tap it and the payment would
be charged so
the spinning circle is showing up over
here it says to
um please tap or insert card and
that’s it and this light over here is
uh so i’m guessing that once when i
touch the card it would just go
you know all these lights would uh light
so so as i don’t want to do this payment
so what i’ll do is i will
um hit cancel so guys this wraps up my
video for
this sum up card reader if you guys are
a sole trader
or if you’re doing a small business even
you can always use this card reader
there is
another 3g card reader where you know
you don’t need
a mobile phone to connect it’s got a
built-in sim card
and i think it’s a very good option if
you do not want to fiddle with your
phone too much and
i saw that it’s a very good option you
can go onto the sum up website and check
it out over there
but for me personally i think that this
uh this is a handy device you can
put it in your pocket if you’re doing
you know if you’re a tradesman or if you
are a small business even you can always
keep this and then you know
people have this confidence that they
can just touch and
and that’s it so um you shouldn’t be
having any issues
and uh that is it if you have any
questions just leave it in the comment
section below
and i’ll reply back to you and guys
thanks very much for watching my
unboxing of the sum up card readerTpe Sumup Sans Smartphone