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Our Vision
TG Fund believes in the Self-fulfilling Prophecy, "As you believe, you will become; as you think, therefore you are." To this end our programs are built around uplifitng communities and promoting positive change to the betterment of all people of color and those they interact with. Some of the key programs this year are:

Save America's Favorite Pastime
TG Fund plans to revitalize and mold inner-city parks into environments suitable for organized baseball and softball youth leagues, for boys and girls ages 6 to 18. This includes participation in the National Little League program. Back to Top of this Page

Adopt A Park Initiative
How many of our parks are representative of what a community gathering place should be? Shouldn't our parks stand for dedication to strengthening, preserving and building families for the support and development of children in the Atlanta Metro area? TG Fund's goal is to revitalize and maintain our parks in order to preserve valuable inner-city green space, which will promote family-oriented activities and foster community pride spanish dog names . Back to Top of this Page 

Respect: You, Me, We
It is distressing to consider that the majority of crimes committed by African Americans are committed against other African Americans. According to a recent study by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, of the murder victims for whom race was known, 49 percent were Black, and nearly all were killed by other Blacks; over 95 percent of African Americans murdered in the United States were killed by other African Americans. These are more than mere statistics; these figures represent what is missing in the fabric of African-American life: mutual respect for one another.

TG Fund is focused on bringing this issue to the forefront nationally. Beyond a simple call for the end of black-on-black crime, we feel the need for African Americans to regain the sense of respect for one another, which is in essence the root of all these appalling crimes. TG Fund will work to promote this level of respect and awareness by educating people of color as it relates to their connection and responsibility to this problem. TG Fund will solicit African American community and business leaders, intellectuals, psychologists, and other trained professionals to conduct and facilitate various programs at venues including, but not limited to, city jails, youth detention centers, schools, nonprofit and community centers. Back to Top of this Page 

Y.E.S. (Youth Empowerment and Success)
The Youth Empowerment and Success Initiative (YES!) focuses on the mental, physical and spiritual health of young people of color in an attempt to fortify their self-esteem.Young people of color, from all socio-economic backgrounds, face unique challenges and difficult decisions on a daily basis. TG Fund will imbue young people with a set of core values and provide access to a support network through special events, workshops, online activities, the development of a youth board, and our youth publication, TG Fund: The Magazine. TG Fund will invite motivational speakers, young professionals, child psychiatrists and other related professionals to talk and work with YES! participants.
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Black Family Adoptions
The plight of children entangled in the adoption process is dramatically bleak, and even more disturbing for children of color. Historically, in our communities, there was a network of family members, caring friends, and community members to take care of children born to families that could not raise or take care of them. As a result of cultural and societal changes, these networks are no longer a major priority in communities where daily survival oftentimes takes precedence. TG Fund will focus our efforts on improving the process of adopting children of color by meeting the specific needs of potential adopters, which may include legal counseling and a support system for adoptees. TG Fund will assist in alleviating the generally convoluted and emotionally draining adoption process.
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Tools of the Future Technology Initiative
TG Fund will help bridge the digital divide in the African American community through our comprehensive Technology Initiative. Through this initiative, TG Fund will familiarize participating youth and qualifying adults with various aspects of computers as tools for research and exploration of the world and information pertaining to it. The initiative will also provide the training to successfully navigate and utilize computers and other necessary technology tools. Furthermore, this initiative will provide an outlet for the creative process by making available computers and related tools for the production of artistic expression (audio-visual, musical, and literature).
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Finance and Entrepreneurial Initiative
African-Americans spend over $400 billion in this country yearly. However, there is a huge dichotomy between what we spend and what we produce. The difference between being a consumer and one who creates economic opportunities is a disparity that TG Fund will bring attention to and work to alleviate. This initiative will explain the difference between wealth and income. We will establish a team of financial advisors and business professionals to bring their knowledge of finance to our community through the development of youth and adult programs.

Furthermore, TG Fund believes that economic empowerment is essential to the growth of our community. As such, TG Fund’s entrepreneurial initiative will be two-fold: 1) We will connect ambitious high school students with successful national and community entrepreneurs, with the intent of providing priceless on-the-job training for participating students; and 2) We will also provide professional mentors for adult participants striving to start a small business of their own. TG Fund will assist adults in the development of their marketing packages, strategic planning and overall presentation (including dress and appearance).
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Education Roll Call
The absence of African-American men in the educational system is alarming. TG Fund believes that young African-American males need support, guidance and direction in order to become productive and successful individuals. Education Role Call is a program that will address the need for African American men to become active in the educational system--from the student to the teacher. An alliance of organizations with the same vision will serve as the foundation on which to build this initiative.
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Health Initiative 
African Americans suffer disproportionately from most commonly prevalent medical diseases in this country. Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and Heart Disease are only a few of the illnesses that ravage our community, simply due to lack of knowledge and insufficient healthcare options. TG Fund will develop programs that provide valuable information regarding the health issues that plague our community. Information is power. TG Fund’s programs will concentrate on prevention, treatments and medical advancements.

TG Fund intends to challenge individuals to become more proactive in addressing issues that they face. Through innovative programs, TG Fund will inspire people of color to look within themselves and determine how they can effect a positive change within their communities. Back to Top of this Page

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