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Our Magazine

We believe in order to transform the current cultural landscape in which people of color are often misrepresented, whether involuntarily or gratuitously, we must begin with our youth. In this new millennium, young adults and teens are heavily sought after and marketed to by corporations globally, for they are the designers and appropriators of trends. italian dog names

Therefore, TG Fund, Inc., will publish TG Fund: The Magazine, which will promote the value of written expression, while providing opportunities for involved youth to critically analyze and challenge the images and stereotypes that are perpetuated in pop culture, often at the expense of people of color. 

TG Fund: The Magazine (a tentative moniker; a contest among the youth participants will decide the name of the publication) will be a voice for today’s urban youth, giving its participants journalistic opportunities and invaluable life and work experience. Not only will the magazine serve as a vehicle promoting literacy, education, social consciousness and volunteerism, our young contributors will interview and interact with popular entertainers, artists, authors, and other individuals involved in the entertainment medium. rule34

We will highlight people who represent positive images for our youth, as well as those whose images, product, or intentions raise concern. TG Fund: The Magazine will not only entertain with its fun, stylish, and informative articles, it will also enlighten, encourage, and teach our young people that it is not enough to just distrust the hype they are fed, they must go a step further to reject and change it.

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