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National Association to Broaden and Enhance Images 

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Our Mission is
To encourage a transformation in the thoughts and perceptions of disadvantaged youth and to empower and motivate them through educational and recreational activities

Our Purpose
The purpose of the National Association to Broaden and Enhance Images, Inc. (TG Fund) is to improve how disadvantaged youth view themselves, their communities and their responsibility in effecting a positive change - Bringing to the forefront some of the social and cultural-related problems that directly affect the growth and development of disadvantaged youth.

We believe in the self-fulfilling prophecy, “As you believe, you will become; as you think, therefore you are”.  These statements adequately summarize the phenomenon that is currently taking place in many minority communities. The themes of helplessness, lack of self-respect and the acceptance of negative images that shape the minds of our youth plague the all too common mantra of the youth in our communities.  TG Fund intends to provide the forum that re-educates our community and promotes the strength, power and pride that exist in our communities. 

TG Fund seeks to improve the social, economic and professional disposition of the disadvantaged in our communities through socially based programs and education.  TG Fund seeks to develop a network of professionals who will donate their services, time and talents to empower men, women and children, thus effecting positive changes in our community.  These professionals will serve as positive role models of success and provide an inroad to a myriad of industries and opportunities. wild panda slots  

TG Fund intends to challenge individuals to become more proactive in addressing issues that we face. Through innovative programs, TG Fund will inspire youth to look within themselves, to believe in themselves, and to plan for a successful future


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